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Ingrid and Gregorio are called back into the field when agents go missing. The children are left in the care of Uncle Felix Gumm.

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Gregorio suspects that a kids' TV show star Fegan Floop has kidnapped the agents, and mutated them into his "Fooglies," creatures on his show. They are captured by Floop's " Thumb Thumb " robots whose arms, legs, and head are made of thumbs, and taken to Floop's castle.

Antonio Banderas - Gregorio Cortez

Felix is alerted to the parents' capture, activates the fail-safe, tells the children the truth, and that he is not their uncle. At the safe house, Carmen unlocks the door using her full name, and the children learn of their parents' past as they decide to rescue them. Inside of Floop's castle, he introduces his latest creation to Mr. Lisp small robots in the shape of children. He wishes to replace the world leaders' children with these super-strong robots to control the world.

The androids are "dumb", and cannot function outside of their inherent programming. Lisp is furious, demanding usable androids to sell to his clients. Floop along with his second-in-command Alexander Minion interrogate Gregorio and Ingrid. Floop demands the ' Third Brain ', but Ingrid has no idea what he's talking about.

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Gregorio claims that he destroyed the brain years ago. Thinking the brain must be with the children, Floop sends his minions after them. Gregorio reveals to Ingrid the truth about the Third Brain. It was the codename of a project back when he worked in the science division of the OSS. It was to house the skills of all of the world's best super spies. It is a fun, high-quality, serial mystery that can be described as Goonies meets Spy Kids meets Stranger Things for year olds.

It was voted as one of the top 50 podcasts of by The Guardian, and was recently honored as a Peabody award winner. The show is enjoyed around the world by kids and adults alike.

Behind the scenes at Spy Kids 2

So sit back and start the countdown, Mars Patel Season 3 is go for launch! Hang tight for just a tiny bit longer. For now, have you seen the new season 3 show logo? The story invites readers …. The first month is free and they have lots of additional content for kids ages Or, a nine-CD boxset is now available of the entire series. Copies are available at CDBaby. He takes pride at helping with charity events with foster care kids, Foundations, and churches.

He has done numerous national commercials, voice overs and print ads since he was 8 months old. He loves to read. She has a twin brother, Dash and a little brother, Oliver. He is an actor, comedian, student, magician, and athlete.

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Shane is, by nature, a conversationalist. Shane also appeared on the Seth Meyers show. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Carmen's caught in a virtual reality game designed by the Kids' new nemesis, the Toymaker. It's up to Juni to save his sister, and ultimately the world. Director: Robert Rodriguez. Spy Kids stylised as SPY kids is a American adventure comedy film written, edited, 1 Plot; 2 Cast; 3 Music; 4 Release; 5 Reception The androids are "dumb", and cannot function outside of their inherent programming. Lisp is furious.

Spy Kids cast. Writer: Robert Rodriguez script.

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  • What the cast of Spy Kids looks like today;

A prolific actor long before his appearance in Spy Kids , Banderas hasn't slowed down his career in the years since then, despite suffering a heart attack in January He's starred in dozens of roles in films and the occasional television show, with his most recent roles being in the upcoming movies Beyond The Edge and Life Itself. In addition to his acting career, Banderas also has a keen interest in fashion; he enrolled in a fashion design course in at a London college, and he served as the Honorary President of the Miami Fashion Week.

Despite once being a rival spy to her now-husband, Gregorio, Ingrid Cortez Carla Gugino has long since put her old rivalries aside to raise a family together with the love of her life.

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Along with her husband, Ingrid also still does deskwork for the OSS without the knowledge of her children. All that changes when she and Gregorio investigate mysterious disappearances, before finding themselves kidnapped and pumped for information by Floop and his associates. Following her role in Spy Kids and its subsequent sequels , Gugino has continued her acting career at full-throttle, appearing in many television shows and movies over the years. Notably, she held down a starring role in the thriller series Wayward Pines and also had major parts in both Sin City and Watchmen.

Recently, Gugino has seemingly become a favorite of the Netflix-original casting department; she starred in their adaptation of the Stephen King novel Gerald's Game and is slated to appear in a new thriller series for them, The Haunting of Hill House.

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On the surface, Fegan Floop Alan Cumming appears to be your everyday eccentric children's television host with a team of disturbing creatures as his on-screen sidekicks. It soon becomes clear that Floop is an unwilling villain set on world domination via his teams of thumb-beasts and android children. He kidnaps the Cortez family in order to obtain some of Gregorio's technology that will assist in his plan, but Floop soon finds himself double-crossed by his own man, Alexander Minion.

In addition to his role as Floop which he reprised in the sequels , Cumming has built quite an impressive Hollywood career for himself. You may also remember him as Nightcrawler in the X-Men movies, or for his role in The L Word , or as the voice of "Gutsy" in the Smurfs animated films. Both he and his Good Wife co-star Christine Baranski will be lending their voices to the animated special Michael Jackson's Halloween. Seemingly named after an '80s song by The Police , "Ms.

Gradenko gets sent to do the dirty work of capturing the Cortez family and recovering Gregorio's secret technology. She later has a run-in with one of Uncle Machete's spy gadgets, burning off most of her hair and leaving her nearly bald. She never reprised her role in any of the Spy Kids sequels, but Hatcher did go on to star in numerous television shows and movies in the years since then. Notably, she played a starring role in Desperate Housewives for eight years and lent her voice to animated roles in several animated features.

Although Gregorio has a real and estranged brother, Machete, the children are led to believe that Felix is their uncle when he is really just a friend of the family. After the Cortez parents are kidnapped, Felix tells the kids the truth and ensures they make it to a safe house before he is captured by Floop's henchmen. Ever since his appearances in the '70s and '80s Cheech and Chong films, Cheech Marin has remained in-demand as an actor. He reprised his role as Felix in two more Spy Kids movies, and has also had dozens of other parts in films and television shows over the years. Marin has also worked frequently in voice acting; notably, you can hear him as the voice of Ramone in all of the Cars animated films.